The Prize Fund in Casinos

There are some large groups that depend on operations.
The largest group is a group with small bets of up to 10 euros. These bets place a vast majority of players. That is why this prize fund is too large. A portion of this fund is reserved for funds that are used for large profits.
And what is the overall prize fund? This is a sum that is played out in all NetEnt slots in all casinos. If you bet 1 euro and win 100 euros, your winnings are a small part of the total prize fund.
The more the prize fund is, the higher the chance of winning a large sum.
Of course, if you place big bets, your chances of winning are higher.
Proportion between balance sheet and betting
Another of the most important parameters. This is the balance on your account. Perhaps you have noticed, it is very rarely possible to get a big win by placing small bets. You simply lose your balance more often. It happens because software analyses these parameters and there are corresponding settings. The exception is in the case of a negative mathematical expectation for the player. Sometimes when the player loses, the slot can give a big win. Summary: the more the balance sheet, the higher the chance to win.

Type of player
Type of player The player classifies software from well-known manufacturers and divides it into groups. There are beginners, regular players, gamers and so on. And here are the criteria: playing time in a casino, total value of deposits, behaviour after a big win, etc.
Some principles:
If the player makes the big bets (from 1000 euros), he belongs to a special group. The criterion is: the player is important to the casino because he is betting large amounts.
And in a moment he doesn’t make big deposits and makes small bets. After analyse, software can give him a win to stimulate him.
This principle applies to the high roller group
Summary: it is better to place small bets, but your balance sheet should not be small (not less than 200 average bet), first deposit-large (from 1000 euros) and in principle it should be a user account of a high roller.
The software controls all of our parameters, but these parameters still could be changed.